What I Learned From "The Poddy"

While I have been potty-training Toddler Bish, that's not actually what I'm talking about.

I've been following the Trim Healthy Mama nutrition plan since October 2014. These two gorgeous, slim sisters came up with a food freedom nutrition plan and lifestyle that has improved the lives of hundreds, probably thousands, of people. Read about it here. It's been a great experience, but today I listened to their first podcast. My mind was blown for several reasons. It had nothing to do with following the eating plan or tips on getting skinny. It had to do with freedom. Freedom from self-doubt and self-hatred. It blew my mind when Serene said she had never wanted to be tall and lanky, as she put it. She's the mother of eleven children and looks amazing - everyone wants to be her! And then Pearl said she always wanted Serene's thighs and never liked her thicker ones (I'm paraphrasing just FYI and she's tiny).They then said body types are different, and while we may want washboard abs or long and lean legs, that may not be in the cards for us - our bodies may not be made that way. While this seems common sense, it seriously opened my eyes. I started making lists.

What I've Always Hated About Myself:

  • Flat, thin, no-curl-holdin' hair
  • Beef arms (that's what I've always called them. They've always been thick and I've always hated them)
  • Pear-shaped body figure
  • Huge feet
  • Birthmark on the right side of my face
  • Thunder thighs
  • Cankles (from the knees down I have tree trunks - no definition in my ankles)
  • Non-artistic abilities (can't draw, color in the lines, graphic design, etc.)
  • Horrible depth perception

What I Realized I Will Never Have:
  • Thin, chiseled arms (I have shorter arms so the "thin" perception will never be there)
  • Washboard abs (I have zero desire to spend 30 hours a week in the gym and even then it most likely wouldn't happen)
  • Thick, luscious hair that I can style (I just can't do my hair - that will never change)
  • Dainty feet and defined ankles
  • Narrow hips

Why These Are Blessings:
  • If I had thin chiseled arms and amazing yams I would be wearing strapless shirts with daisy dukes all the time. It keeps me modest and humble ;)
  • If I had thick hair, I'd spend hours working on it and styling it, sending my priorities out of whack
  • My wider hips brought two babies into the world easily with zero complications. 
  • My birthmark serves as a reminder that I could have been blind and seriously deformed on one side of my face, but because of the brilliance of a doctor in Houston, I came out on the other side with a small, unnoticeable birthmark. 

What I Did After I Made These Lists:
  • I prayed. I hit my knees and I begged for forgiveness. For hating on such a beautiful creation. For always being concerned with how "great" someone else had it. Thanking God for helping me realize this before I started putting my insecurities on my children. Begging Him to help me teach them their worth. Begging Him to help me realize my own. I have talents. I have beauty. I am a daughter of the King Most High. I'm worth something. And I'm beautiful the way I am. There is no sense in trying to change that through grueling gym sessions, costly hair extensions, surgeries, etc. 

I've found freedom in myself through God with the help of Serene and Pearl. I will always try but never give up in defeat. I will always honor this beautiful body and if I forget, I'll ask for forgiveness and try again. I will use what I am good at to help others see the beauty of salvation in Jesus Christ. 

This was an amazing podcast. Give it a listen. And remember that you're beautiful.