New Year, New Me (Except Not Really)

New Year's Resolutions (in list format, duh)

  1. Find and maintain hormonal harmony. Mr. Bish is convinced that this is not possible for me.
  2. Get my hair to stop falling out.
  3. Stop eating popcorn for lunch and afternoon snack and late night snack and occasional breakfast.
  4. Find the joy in everything. Including toddler tantrums, toddler messes, infant tantrums and infant messes. My house looks like a hurricane and tornado made a hybrid baby.
  5. Patience for Mr. Bish. I seriously have none. He never fights back, either, which just makes me even more mad.
  6. Physical fitness. I'm having a hard time getting off the floor from a sitting position. I'm 28 and that's ridiculous. 
  7. Be more moderate with my coffee intake (I think this will take care of itself once I finish watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix).
  8. Potty train Toddler Bish (or whine about it till my mom does it).
  9. Become a famous singer on Broadway (do you have to know how to read music?).
  10. Take a vacation! 
We'll see how many of these get accomplished. 

Happy New Year (six days late)!



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