Breaking Up with Social Media

I'm putting social media back in the friend zone. We will no longer have such an intimate relationship. I'm tired of so many things about it, but I'm mainly tired of it being the source of needless unhappiness. Social media has good intentions, but like most things that are good, moderation is paramount. Apples are good but eating 23 a day will still make most people fat or comatose from sugar (that's not a scientific figure...I'm sleep deprived and just pulled that number out of thin air but you get the point). So I wrote an ode to social media to soften the blow of our break up, though, well-intentioned I may have hurled a few insults its way.

You've convinced me that I'm lacking
You've convinced me that I'm broke
You've convinced me that I'm not good enough
You've convinced me that I shouldn't have spoke

You've persuaded me to trust no one
You've persuaded me to play the game
You've persuaded me to build a false reality
You've persuaded me it's okay to be vain

You've proven that I'm petty
You've proven that I'm not content
You've proven that I'm covetous
You've proven that I'm easily taken in

I'm tired of believing your lies
I'm tired of never feeling worth
I'm tired of never being happy
I'm tired of the phoniness you put forth

No more will you control me
No more will I care
No more will I esteem you so highly
No more will I make you my cross to bear

I know this life is fleeting
I know moth and rust destroy
I know I"m the daughter of the King
I know your satanic ploy

I will overcome your deception
I will rise above
I will remember my true purpose
I will shine forth with His love

I will remember my priorities
I will remember what's at stake
I will remember who I serve
I will remember that I'm great

I'm great because He made me
I'm great because I keep trying
I'm great because people love me


I'm great because I know social media is lying.

Would this all be for naught if I posted this link on Facebook? I definitely think it would make my efforts null and void...I crack myself up.