"Her Head Makes Me Think She's Related to Megamind..."

 I've heard some humdingers when they look at my new baby. So I'm going to make a list, duh.

  1. "She's moving a lot. You're either drinking too much caffeine or she has Restless Leg Syndrome."
  2. "Are you sure you want to breastfeed? You seem angry..."
  3. "I think Huggies are better than Pampers so I bought you 4,000 boxes."
  4. "She looks like an alien. Maybe Megamind is her ancestor."
  5. "I think she cries because she's bored. You should give her a change of scenery. You look like you could use a change of scenery, too."
  6. "How can I help? Oh, wait, I have to do something..."
  7. "What's wrong? Why is the baby crying? What did you do?"
  8. "It's only 8:00 p.m. Are you sure you don't want coffee?"
No, I don't get out enough to encounter this many annoying people. These all came from one source: Mr. Bish. 

I love my husband, but odds are ever-increasing that I just might kill him. However, he's handy to have around I guess if I could just figure out a way to mute him.

Count your blessings for the wonderful man in your life if you've got one and take an extra Zoloft for me (I'm limited to 50 mg — bless Mr. Bish's heart).