Growing as a Person...and Then Backsliding

I'm growing up. Let me count the ways.

  1. I got out a pair of high heels to wear today and then put them back. I've finally realized my limits. Maybe I'll save money if I stop buying unrealistic shoes. Or I'll funnel that money into something else like leggings...wait, no, that's a limit, too. I'm so proud of myself. 
  2. I tell Toddler Bish — he's graduated, there's a new Baby Bish in town — that all food is french fries or ice cream. It makes him eat ... sometimes. I no longer hold myself to ridiculous expectations when it comes to parenting. I reserve those for the pair of pants I've been saving for six years just knowing that one day they'll fit again.
  3. I make the bed, kind of. Does throwing the sheets over all the pillows count?
  4. I eat oatmeal for breakfast. If I want to fit back in those pants, I've realized the importance of saying no to the Reeses Puffs cereal.
  5. I am an early riser. It may not be by choice, but at least I'm not trying to sleep through Baby Bish's tantrums like Mr. Bish. Real convo: "Kara how bad is it if I take 2 Benadryl? The box says you can." Me: "It will kill you. One way or another it will kill you."
  6. I take vitamins. If by vitamins you mean my son's fruit gummies and antidepressants. 

I'm also existing like a college student in the following ways:

  1. I forget to brush my teeth...and/or hair.
  2. Showering is optional?
  3. I rock pajama bottoms all day every day.
  4. I can't remember what day it is and constantly feel hungover. 
  5. I answer most of my son's demands/sass with "Whatever dude."
  6. I fall asleep in precarious places/situations all day long.

Motherhood: one step forward, two steps back. I WILL make it to the other side eventually. 



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