Graduating From Child to Children

Evidently I haven't written since November of last year. A lot has happened since then and since I'm a huge fan of lists, allow me to share with you the ways my life is vastly different since having my second baby three and a half weeks ago.

  1. It took me 2 hours to write this post. 
  2. I drink iced coffee now. Not by choice but because that's the temperature once I finally get around to drinking it.
  3. I don't eat. Ever. But my children are constantly eating. 
  4. I have wood floors, which would normally be a good thing, except for the fact that my toddler thinks he should dump all water glasses on said floor. So now my floor is bowed and weird and I'm constantly tripping walking through the house. 
  5. If one is crying, they're both crying.
  6. I watch Mother Goose Club even when Cash has left the room, because the remote is on the other side of the couch and I just can't get up to change the channel. 
  7. I lock myself in the bathroom ... a lot. 
  8. I live for nap time. 
  9. I hate my phone. It doesn't ring unless children are sleeping.
  10. I have a "don't ring the doorbell" sign up at all times. Delivery and postal people are obnoxious.
  11. Walmart grocery pickup is amazing. I want to kiss the marketing genius that came up with it.
  12. I long for the day of wearing clothes again. However, at this point it's not worth the time or energy.
  13. Breastfeeding is wonderful but I'm also pretty sure it belongs under the curse of Eve.
  14. My mind revolves around two things at all times: boobs and butts. If I'm not feeding, I'm changing someone's diaper.
  15. By the time I get everyone loaded in the car, I don't actually want to leave.
  16. I've never been more exhausted. 
  17. I've never been more frustrated.
  18. I've never been more drained.
  19. I've never been more happy. 
  20. My heart is full even when my stomach isn't.

It's been interesting having two but it's also ridiculously awesome.