Week 6: Running for Miguel

Last week was rough. Didn't have a lot of sleep plus stress headaches plus achy shins and knees made for a tough running week. Which meant I didn't get many miles in. Hopefully I spent last week recovering so I can hit it hard this week. Total mileage so far is 35.97, which drives me absolutely crazy — I'm going to have to run a weird distance today with an extra three hundredths just to round that out. I'm running this week for another amazing kiddo.

Meet Miguel.

He was a healthy 13-year-old boy until he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

He's had three brain surgeries since June 2014 for a stage 3 glioma that is attached to his hypothalamus and pushing on his brain stem.

He has received 33 doses of radiation and must undergo chemotherapy for one year or more depending on tumor progression. The hop is that the radiation and chemotherapy will kill the tumor.

What's amazing about Miguel and his family is the positive outlook they've maintained since starting their Facebook page.

His mother has no problem being real and illustrating the gravity of her son's situation, but there's never any deflation or defeat. There's always hope and thanksgiving and it's truly inspirational to read.

The motto of Miguel's journey describes their mindset perfectly. "MIGHTY we stand for Mighty Miguel!"

Let's all pray for Miguel as he struggles with some really unfortunate circumstances. Remember his family and his doctors. To support Miguel and his family, "like" them on Facebook or visit their fundraising website.

My mom sent me a quote yesterday that I think is fitting here. "You are not what you have done. You are what you've overcome."

Cling to hope and lean on the Lord Miguel!