Week 4: Running for Jude

I griped a lot about my pregnancy. I was tired and hungry and sick and wanted him out of there when June 2014 rolled around. I was constantly in my head about how uncomfortable I was.

Meet Hannah Peters.

By the 13th week of her first pregnancy, she and her husband, Sully, were told that the baby had a form of skeletal dysplasia. Three different specialists told them he had Achondroplasia so they began researching all there was to know about the disorder.

At 14 weeks, Hannah suffered a fall and was rushed to the emergency room. She was told that she had leaked some amniotic fluid but not enough to cause any harm.

Two weeks later, she and her sister were rear-ended by a driver not paying attention, which shook up Hannah and the baby.

On February 22, 2014, Hannah's water broke during her baby shower. The theme for the shower was "Brave Little Warrior." She had lost a significant amount of blood and was rushed to the hospital again. There she was told that she had to have an emergency C-section. There wasn't much hope for her baby's survival. After a lot of prayer and many, many days as a high-risk patient in a high-risk unit, Hannah continued to carry the baby.

Then Hannah and Sully saw another specialist who told them that she thought Jude (the baby) might have something much more severe than Achondroplasia. It was possible that Jude could have a form of skeletal dysplasia that would not be compatible with life outside the womb.

My pregnancy was a breeze. I didn't have to worry about any of this.

Hannah carried Jude all 40 weeks! She wasn't sure if she would be able to hold him or that he would breath on his own. But "Brave Little Warrior" could not have been a more perfect descriptor of this amazing child.

He's so cute!!!!

They were able to diagnose his form of skeletal dysplasia as the lethal form of RCDP (Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata). Jude has chronic pain due to a cartilage deficiency, his hips and shoulders are out of place and he has congenital cataracts.

He's had a rough road. He's had two scary periods of unresponsiveness and other ups and downs throughout his short life.

His parents are amazing to me as have all the parents I've interacted with have been over these few weeks. Please join me in praying for this sweet family.

To help support Jude visit his GoFundMe page. To keep up with Jude, you can follow him on Facebook or read his mom's blog.

I need to remember how blessed I am...so I'm thankful to be running for Jude, because he reminds me of just how great I have it.

Have a blessed week!