Week 3: Running for Callie

14 miles logged so far! Running for Eliza was great and so was running for Tripp!

This week I'm running for Callie.

When Callie was two months old she was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome and numerous other medical conditions. Callie's parents were told that her case was severe and there was nothing else to be done for their daughter. No surgeries, procedures or medicines would be able to help Callie. They were told she wouldn't make it to her first birthday. I can't imagine how hard it must be to live every day knowing it could be your daughter's last. It would be hard enough imagining your own life running out, but watching the hours counting down for your child would be so much more severe and traumatic. Callie's parents did what the doctor's told them to do and enjoyed every day like it was her last.

Callie is now 12 years old. And she is constantly going up to people and telling them what God has done for her. She's amazing.

On March 4, 2014, Callie went in to have a MRI/MRA done of her heart, neck and head. It was then her parents found out that she needed to have surgery on her heart. The doctor said it would be fatal if she did not have the surgery, but with William Syndrome children, there is a huge risk of sudden death when they are put to sleep. The very problem that Callie has that they need to fix with surgery is the very thing that causes the sudden death in Williams Syndrome children. The doctor left it up to Callie's parents to make the call and they haven't agreed to surgery as of yet, since it could be fatal either way.

Callie's parents lean on the Lord and so does their beautiful daughter. Instead of wallowing in self pity (that I imagine I would be doing) they exhibit incredible strength and serve others instead.

Callie is special and I know her courage and strength will motivate me to log quite a few miles this week. I have a race on Saturday and hope to be well prepared!

To support Callie, visit her Facebook page and to learn more about Williams Syndrome, visit the Williams Syndrome Association website.

Have a blessed week friends!