Running Poet?

I run to kill stress
I run to kill weakness
I run to kill anxiety
I run to kill anger

I run to promote fitness
I run to promote health
I run to promote happiness
I run to promote fulfillment

I run to kill frustration
I run to kill poor self-esteem
I run to kill doubt
I run to kill fat :)

I run to promote muscle
I run to promote optimism
I run to promote a good example
I run to promote more good days and less bad

This isn't actually any kind of poem (it breaks a lot of rules). However, it made me feel better to write it because today was discouraging. I have a new outlook toward running, so I'm assuming that if I'm discouraged by a run, it's most likely I'm not doing it right. It's frustrating to force yourself to recover. I ran hard Saturday and hard yesterday, so naturally my legs were TIRED. I also decided to run at noon (90 degree weather) and it was windy. It was also on the trail of doom (I just can't do gravel and I need to quit trying).

So I stopped running about 8 tenths of the way in and just walked the rest of the two miles, which was actually supposed to be a three mile route. I'm only on week 3 and don't like the fact that I'm having to pace myself.

I was pretty negative during my "training," which then led me to thinking about Callie. Callie would probably do just about anything to have a bad run day. Her bad days are way worse than mine. I'm sure her parents would love to see her frustrated about trivial matters instead of life and death matters.

I'm blessed and need to remember that. Remember your blessings!

Happy hump day peeps!