I Run Because Sometimes Life Doesn't Go My Way

Since I've been running for inspirational children, I follow a lot of sick kids on Facebook. Each one has their own serious battle and it's difficult to witness through social media just how challenging their lives are.

One of the sweet little girls I follow lost the fight last night. She was born a twin and diagnosed with Trisomy 18. It proves that I'm facing challenges I had not expected in my running quest. I get attached. I feel their hurt, anguish and pain. Not near on the same level as these amazing families. But I feel it. And it hurts. But this sweet child is no longer hurting. She's with Jesus where she belongs and that's the comfort I cling to.

I'm grateful I'm now taking advantage of an outlet that allows me to "run away." To chase the sorrow and grief out of my body. While I run for Jude today, I'll also run for Edith.

Never forget how blessed you are.