Welcome to Mom Miles

Welcome to Mom Miles. The blog dedicated to a new chapter in my life. As of July 31, 2015, I will be a full-time stay-at-home mom, or SAHM, as I've learned via the Internet, to my soon-to-be one-year-old son. If you followed me on my previous blog, Editorial Conundrums, you know him as Baby Bish and my husband, Wesley, as Mr. Bish. And, of course, my Boston Terrier, Daisie, is the Boston Terror.

I went "running" yesterday, which means I used the C25K app and crawled along in the heat. I wanted to get a good tan and sweat a lot of fat out of my body so I waited till it was a good 95 degrees outside. I can barely move today, which isn't surprising since I worked in my yard for the rest of the day — seriously who needs a gym when you can mulch all day and lose more weight? I don't feel good physically, but the way I feel mentally is amazing. I don't normally feel good mentally - I'll confess that right now. It's very easy for me to get weighed down by trivial stuff, but the one thing that has always helped, as science teaches us, is exercise. Physical exertion has always been great for my brain, but I'm also stubborn and just plain don't want to run or exercise to Tracey Mallet - who makes me sooooo mad....not all of us have the dance rhythm required to do her videos. My baby giggling hysterically at my attempt wasn't helping.

I've said all that to say I've made a monumental decision. I'm going to log 200 running miles by the end of the year. I usually make pretty dramatic decisions, so we'll see how this goes. I've also decided to "journal" on here about it so we can all laugh and throw tantrums together - the two things I'm best at. I've kept a journal since I was in fourth grade, so stream of consciousness comes pretty natural to me...lucky you.

So welcome to Mom Miles. A journal that is meant to encourage, enliven and enrich, which sounds incredibly corny but I"m on a positive kick lately.

And we'll talk about ALL the Mom Miles: the kid miles, the spouse miles, the life miles in general and, of course, the stupid exercise miles.....and I will also craft some prose on one of my first loves: food.

The best part is, I do all the work, and you just read and scoff, smirk and laugh...that's what I do when I read other blogs. ;)

Peace out....I now have to calculate how many miles I have to run per day to make my quota, which now sounds insane. It may be drastically reduced tomorrow.