Week 2: Running for Tripp

Week 1 for Eliza Dodd was challenging, rewarding and uplifting. I pushed myself harder than I ever have because, in my mind, I wasn't just running for me. I only logged seven miles in week one (Baby Bish's first birthday party was on Saturday so that took up some time:) But I felt better mentally than I have in years, which proves thinking about yourself too much just isn't good for you.

This week I'm running for Tripp Halstead. I've never met him and his family, but I love them like they're my own. My mom told me about their Facebook page shortly after Baby Bish was born and I've been an avid "follower" ever since.

What happened to Tripp was no one's fault. It was one of those freak accidents that you pray never happens to you and yours. That makes you hurt like you've never hurt at the unfairness of tragedy. That makes you pray every day for the courage to withstand trials like this mother and father have done.

When Tripp was three years old, a tree limb fell on him at daycare. He suffered a traumatic brain injury that he is still living with and recovering from. He faces challenges that many will never face. His mother, Stacy, is the person I want to be. She's amazing. Both of Tripp's parents are amazing. Even in adversity, Tripp goes on vacation, swimming, school, therapy, etc. His parents run themselves ragged to make sure he enjoys a normal life in the best way he can. Stacy has said on her Facebook page before, "Some say that children with brain injuries can't understand that they are loved, but I refuse to believe that and work hard to make sure Tripp knows he is loved."

Stacy Halstead was actually the main inspiration behind this entire running/serving journey I'm currently on. She ran a half marathon recently (her husband is an Ironman athlete). For each mile, she ran for a different child who couldn't. When I read her post after her race, I bawled uncontrollably because what she does and did that day is amazing. She ran her last mile for Tripp and for all that she has been through and it was extremely touching. 

So I'm running for Tripp this week, because right now he can't. Though, with his parents, there's no limits to what he may accomplish in the future. She's the mother I want to be if something happens to my son. We can't control life events sometimes. It's how we choose to live with adversity that defines us. 

To keep up with Tripp, you can "like" his Facebook page. Stacy is inspiring but also crazy hilarious. Also, you can find ways to support this amazing family on their website.

I have decided to run a half marathon in November! YIKES!!! I went to Foot Tech last week here in Lubbock and got fitted for my first pair of training shoes. And, naturally, Baby Bish thought his opinion was necessary. :) 

So here goes! I've gotta work hard to put some miles on these legs!!! They haven't seen a lot of mileage in at least four years...should be fun. Though, running for Tripp should make it easier. He makes me smile. If you'd like to download his song on iTunes, it's called, "The Little Boy That Could - Tripp's Song" by by Nolan Wilson. 

Have a great Monday!