Week 1: Running for Eliza

There are roughly 23 weeks left in the year (I'm not good at math or counting but get irrationally angry when corrected so just go with it.) Each week I will be running for someone who is having a rough time and needs some encouragement and inspires me to run. I've got the first four weeks lined out I think, but if you have someone you would like me to run for please let me know.

My first week is for Eliza Dodd. She's a beautiful two-year-old girl who stumbled upon unfortunate circumstances about a month ago. She contracted E Coli, thus, developing HUS (Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome). She's been fighting for her life at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. The bacteria ravaged her body and she's slowly recovering. She's made some great improvements, but this family is in for a long road ahead. They need prayers. They need encouragement. They need support.

Now that I have my baby I look at things like this differently. When Eliza opened her eyes for the first time in three weeks, I bawled the rest of the day. I just knew what a great moment that was for her family. I'm going to try to never take my beautiful son for granted again. When I'm up at 4:30 am like I was this morning because stinker wants to play and roll around in mommy and daddy's bed till 6:30 am. When he throws fits because he doesn't want to go around the couches (he assumes he should be able to go through them and just head butts them all day) and spits food at me because he thinks its funny, I'll laugh with him from now on.

It's scary how crazy things can happen to our kids that is not in our control. The only thing we can do is pray and get through whatever comes our way. I can't stick Baby Bish in a baby-sized fish bowl (as much as I might like to just to contain his craziness) to protect him from everything. I can't spend my whole life as a mom worrying about everything that might happen to him (even though I will think about it a lot...mostly I dream about it which is annoying). I have to enjoy the wonderful times I'm getting with him now. Eliza and her wonderful parents have taught me so much in this area.

So I'm going to run my miles for them this week. It doesn't do much for them but it selfishly encourages me and I can share their story here.

If you'd like to donate to help with Eliza's crazy hospital bills, click here. You can also offer encouragement and support on their Facebook page and her website.
Keep fighting, Eliza.



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