New Shoes: One of the Reasons I've Decided to Run

They make running shoes so much fun now. I used to always buy black running shoes in high school because I hated white. Now they have all kinds of fun neon colors that make me want to BUY ALL THE SHOES!

This illustrates my personality so well, except nowadays this is directed toward Mr. Bish (who doesn't think I need running shoes, even though I've decided to seriously take up running).

I have always picked running shoes based on color and cosmetics, never running. So, I know nothing about how my current shoes are supposed to perform.

The pink ones on the left I've owned for two years; blue for one year.

Both of these are Brooks but I've owned them all. Mizuno, Saucony, New Balance, Nike, you name it, I've had a pair. However, I have no idea what is best for my feet, which are chronically tender and my ankles, which are pathetically weak. I've heard you should change your running shoes every six months if you're training hard so we'll see if that ends up being necessary. I've already signed up for some races and am going to do a HALF MARATHON in November!

I'll be visiting Foot Tech in Lubbock this Friday to get fitted. Please provide me with brand suggestions. What's your favorite running or training shoe? And, since I'm completely inexperienced, you will need to provide why they're your favorite. All answers, "Because they're sparkly" will be thrown out (though internally I will consider them). 

Yea for shoe shopping!!



  1. I like new balance. Brooks are too cushiony!


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